Highly functional and versatile silicon microfluidics platform

The MicraFluidics Technology platform from Micralyne enables customers to reduce development costs and accelerate time to market of their innovative ideas and designs. Micralyne is on the forefront of microfluidic development, having first developed all-glass microfluidics technology in the 1990’s, and advancing the technology over three decades to open up new device possibilities for our customers.

Platform features

  1. High-aspect ratio microchannels in silicon wafer
  2. Input/output ports in glass or silicon
  3. Consistent inorganic surfaces, suitable for functionalized coatings
  4. Customer specified chip dimensions
  5. Proven manufacturing flow for a wide range of devices:
    • Flow cells
    • Biochips
    • Lab-on-a-chip
    • Cell sorters
    • Separation and analysis devices
    • High-pressure analytical chips

Utmost design flexibility with a variety of materials and processing options 

Multi-level silicon processing

SOI- channel depth uniformity

Versatility of glass or silicon ports

Multi-level glass channels and glass-glass processing

Electrode patterning –  embedded sensors


All Silicon Processing


Next Steps

Silicon Microfluidics Datasheet Download

Accelerate the design of your microfluidic chips

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