MicraSilQ™ (Micra-“silk”) wafer level packaging (WLP) process platform for MEMS devices provides an all-in-one customer solution integrating wafer level fabrication, hermetic packaging and through-silicon-via (TSV) architecture. The MicraSilQ™ established design kit reduces initial development cost, ultimate manufacturing component cost, footprint, thickness and weight, while simultaneously providing improved electrical performance, reliability, and extensibility into 3D IC designs.

MicraSilQ™ can be used for a variety of inertial sensors. Features include:

  • Insulated Through Silicon Vias (TSV) – polysilicon filled
  • Thick silicon device layer (60 microns standard) for high comb finger capacitance
  • Lead-free solder ball grid array
  • Wafer level bonding processes optimized for getter film activation and hermetic sealing

MicraSilQ™ is a proven, cost-effective solution for applications requiring high accuracy, low-noise mechanical sensing by devices operating across wide frequency ranges and requiring high vacuum encapsulation.

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