Teledyne Micralyne aims to establish a clear understanding of your needs as early as possible in engagements. Early on, we evaluate our mutual fit and define our approach to lead you to viable, volume manufacturing. We then explore your technical requirements and specifications, as well as business parameters and fulfillment timelines. We also explore and understand any risks ahead including regulatory, technical or market, so we are on the same page with clients.

To help you anticipate these discussions, here are the main elements of Teledyne Micralyne’s engagement requirements checklist.


The device’s design, performance and manufacturing approach are highly confidential. Teledyne Micralyne suggests that all technical discussions be covered by a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

1 Has a Non-DisclosureAgreement been established with Teledyne Micralyne?
2 What intellectual property protection measures does the customer rely upon, in relation to this design or business opportunity? (patents, trade secrets, licenses, … )

Technical Design

(Assuming that materials have been selected and design layouts have been provided, if available)

1 What is the intended purpose of the device?
2 What are the functional requirements the design and fabrication must satisfy (including assembly, packaging, and testing integration)?
3 Is the design of the device finalized and “frozen”?
4 Are there other specifications and measurement tolerances that are not listed in the design documents?
5 Why are the particular tolerances or specifications prescribed?  How do they influence final device performance?

Fabrication Process

(Assuming that the customer has submitted a proposed process flow)

1 What experience does the customer have in running the proposed process flow? What are the main challenges?
2 What alternative process flows have been trialed to create the device?
3 How many devices have been made by the customer, to-date?

Quality Systems

1 What Quality Management Systems does the customer follow in their operations? What systems does the customer need in place by Teledyne Micralyne?
2 What evidence of quality does the customer require along with the delivered parts?


1 What regulatory requirements does the device or its fabrication need to comply with in order to meet customer needs?
2 What experience does the customer have in the market with the product incorporating this device?
3 What are the key milestones and timeline in the customer’s product plan incorporating this device?
4 What are the device fabrication volumes expected over the next three years?

Risk Assessment

1 What technical and business risks does the customer recognize to the successful commercial launch or ramp up of this product/device?
2 What is the order of priority of these risks?


Next Steps

Micralyne is eager to understand your technical requirements and provide world-class support for your project. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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